Hello, I'm Breanne but my friends call me B. I am a professional waterskier living in the sunshine state.  While most days you can find me barefoot with wet hair out on the lake I still love to get dressed up for date nights. I am a free spirit girlie girl who enjoys waking up early with my husband.  I enjoy shopping, yoga, surfing, coffee dates, kittens, wine, and travel.   I get the wanderlust gene from my parents.  They owned a travel agency for 20 years and recently retired so they could of course do what? Duh, travel more!  : )  

The Balanced B was inspired, designed and built from my love for waterskiing and living a healthy and active lifestyle.  Here I will share with you what I’ve learned on my journey as an athlete on how to B Fit, B Healthy, and of course B Happy in your own life by creating and sharing inspirational content as I travel through this active lifestyle of mine.