In the water ski world he's become known as the most interesting man, reigning from Russia but spending a lot of time training in the U.S. we have become good friends with Igor.  

With that being said I am thrilled to announce that on June 25th Igor tied the knot to his beautiful bride Tanya.


As you might have read in my previous blog, two weeks ago Ryan and I were relaxing during our vacation in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico when we received a call from Igor.   He said I am getting M A R R I E D and would love for you to be there.  Ryan told him, "You name the time and place, and we'll be there!" The next thing I knew and within 24 hours of the call we had booked our flights to Bali.   With only 20 hours at home to unpack, wash and repack we were off to BALI for Igor and Tanya’s Wedding!


I am an absolute sucker for weddings. I wish that everyone could experience being crazy in love by finding that special someone to share all of life's adventures with.  So, of course, I was SUPER excited but also honored to witness this beautiful couple begin the journey that awaits them. 

You may be wondering why they chose Bali? Igor and Tanya are both Russian, but they both have a special connection with the Indonesian Island. They first met in Bali and fell in love in Bali, so when it came time to decide where their wedding would be, it goes without saying that Bali was the obvious choice.

Bali 3.jpg

I literally annoyed the shit out of Ryan most of the flight.  Oops. Sometimes I just get so excited and want to have things planned out a bit...Ryan had been to Bali with Igor a few months prior to reflect and relax after Moomba so I had lots of questions! 

What's Bali like? Can we go and see monkeys? Can we go and ride an elephant? What about the temples? Can we snorkel in Bali? What are the beaches like?  Are the waves going to be small enough so that I can surf? Where are they getting married?

Ryan kept reassuring me. You will see, you will see! Two days of travel and we finally made it to Bali and joined our friends.

Bali 4.jpg

Now I get it...the Bali experience is not something that can be explained, it is a special place in the world that you just have to experience for yourself.

Bali 5.jpg

They chose the gorgeous Lang Ylang Villa as there wedding Venue.

Bali 6.jpg

As we pulled up to the 6 bedroom oceanfront Villa, I was shocked that this was going to be home for the next 4 days.  Damn Igor…shit just got real!

Bali 7.jpg
Bali 8.jpg

Farm to table meals, fresh smoothies, morning yoga, in-house massages and friendly staff made me never want to leave this paradise.  Oh, and did I mentioned the Villa was conveniently located a mile from Bali’s famous Keramas surf break. Coincident…I doubt it. : )

Bali 9.jpg

The laid back couple started their wedding day with morning yoga.  At breakfast, I couldn't help but notice how relaxed Igor and Tanya were.  They were enjoying every minute of their special day!  

While most brides are concerned about table linens and getting their hair and makeup done, Tanya's biggest concerns were making sure we all tried her favorite local fruit and that the DJ was playing the right beats to set the mood for the evening.  

Bali 10.jpg

Igor and Ryan even had time for a pre-wedding surf! : )

Bali 11.jpg

The untouched beaches on the east coast of Bali make it the perfect backdrop for an elegant beach wedding.

Bali 12.jpg

Tanya looked stunning as she walked down the aisle.  As Tanya and Igor exchanged their wedding vow's the sun was setting.  And then the moment we were all waiting for...You may kiss the bride!

Bali 13.jpg

Surrounded by friends and family and lots of Champagne we ate, we laughed, shared stories and danced the night away.  

Thank you, Tanya and Igor, for the unforgettable time. 

Bali 14.jpg

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Morozov!

Bali 15.jpg