We all know that Yoga is good for us.  It reduces stress, quiets the mind and enhances our overall wellbeing but finding time to make it to the yoga studio can be challenging at times.  So why not create a space in your home to practice.  Practicing at home gives you the flexibility to choose when you hit the mat. 


Here are some tips to take your yoga practice at home. 

Create a yoga space at home - this doesn't have to be anything fancy.  Simply find a quiet area in your house with little to no distractions. I like to take my practice outdoors. The fresh air lets me breathe a little easier and allows me to connect with nature.  I love listening to the bird's chirp, the water trickle in my fountain and feel the wind on my face.  


Schedule it in.  - If I do not schedule it in...it's probably not going to happen. I schedule my yoga practice for first thing in the morning.     For me, there is no better time then starting my day with some yoga flow. 

Subscribe to an online class - I love Google because you can be specific about what you're looking for.  Yoga for the morning, yoga for sore back, yoga for strength, ect.  I subscribe to beach yoga girl and purchased her yoga classes through the cody app. 

Set your intention - an intention is bringing awareness to something that you want to focus on during your practice and for the day.   Intentions could be gratitude, patience, being fully present, letting go of negativity or love.


Purchase Yoga essentials - you will need a yoga mat, yoga block, and maybe yoga straps if flexibility is not your thing.  

Now go hit your mat, set your intention and have a wonderful day.