Have you ever heard of floating, for relaxing and ease of muscle pain? If not, you're not alone. I actually just tried this for the first time last week. 

Souler float 1.jpg
Souler Float 2.jpg
Souler Float 3.jpg

This space ship looking capsule is your private Epsom salt bath.  When you arrive, you are suppose to enter the capsule, shut the lid, and begin relaxing for 60 minutes.  I am getting anxious as I type this!  ekkkk I'm claustrophobic soooo to say I was uncomfortable is an understatement. 

You're probably wondering....WHY is she doing this?!  Why would a claustrophobic person do this to themselves....duh  because I'm a very curious person and because its good for you of course. There has been scientific research that shows floating therapy can help reduce stress, ease muscle pain, and tension in the body.  So I had to try it! 

At first, it's really nice.  Your personal pod has relaxing music and dimmed lighting.   I got inside and thought wow this is great!  10 minutes later the lights and music turn off, and now I am floating in a weird pod in the dark.  

My mind started to race.... RELAX! I reassure myself I will be ok.  BREATHE! You can do this..... oh HELL NO! I pop the lid off and sit up. I'm FREE.  Yeah!  After a few minutes of contemplating what to do, I finally talk myself into closing the lid and go back inside to my dark capsule to float some more.   RELAX.  I tell myself again.  Only 45 more minutes to go!  

So, did it work?  Well, as much as I hoped that it was more hype than actual results, I do think it helped.  Similar to a massage which for me is more comfortable I felt relaxed afterwards and the next day my body felt rested, and I was ready to ski.  It's not magic but if you're looking for something new I would recommend giving it a try.