Summer is in full swing, which means long hot days outside on the lake and behind the boat! : )

Staying hydrated is super important for optimal performance and overall good health.  While drinking eight glasses a day is great, it can also get incredibly boring.

I am lucky that I never really liked pop / soda growing up, so I never had to stop a crazy diet coke addiction! lol.  Sometimes drinking glasses and glasses of water can get old.  I discovered this drink a few months ago when I was sick and tired of just drinking water.  I generally keep my liquid calories to my morning juice, latte, and wine and this recipe caught my eye.  Homemade ginger ale!   I LOVE ginger,  so learning how to make homemade ginger ale was a no-brainer, I had to try it.   Turns out it's not only delicious, it's healthy too!  

This is where you can find me over the weekend.  : )

Refresh with a Spritzer 1.jpg

Ginger - Spritzer 

Serves 1 

1/2 honeydew melon (thickly sliced and remove peel)

1/2 -1-inch piece of fresh ginger (depending on how spicy you want it)

1 pear, halved 

Small handful of ice (optional)

1/2 cup sparkling mineral water, chilled

Refresh with a Spritzer 2.jpg

Spritz Time

Feed melon,  ginger, and then pear through juicer.  

Refresh with a Spritzer 3.jpg

Fill glass halfway with ice, pour in the juice.

Refresh with a Spritzer 4.jpg

Add the sparkling mineral water and enjoy!

Refresh with a Spritzer 5.jpg