Your bags are packed, you are all checked into your flight, and you are SO ready to hit the vacation mode button! Before you start dipping into happy hour, let me share a few tips that I have learned over the years to help with jet lag. So you don't wake up feeling terrible and ruin your vacation before it even starts. 

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You're probably wondering... what does this girl know about traveling? She is an athlete. You are right, I am an athlete which is why it makes me very aware and in tuned with my body. I know exactly how I want to feel when I step off a flight after 10, 20, or even 30+ hours of travel. When I'm traveling to events, I don't have the luxury of sleeping off jet lag.  It's game time! 

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Traveling is in my blood. My parents own a travel agency and I am extremely fortunate that they let my brother and I tag along with them throughout the years. While most kids are ordering mac and cheese off the kid's menu, I preferred escargot. Ok — I like mac and cheese too

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Here are my top 5 travel tips that I've learned over the years and recommend to help you start your vacation off right. 

Tip #1  Sanitize 

Wipe, spray and disinfect your seat and the area around you!!! I wipe down anything and everything I could possibly touch because who knows who sat and sneezed all over your seat on the last flight! Yuck! 

Tip #2 Hydration 

Hydration is key and the best thing you can do while traveling.  With cabin pressure and low levels of humidity on airplanes, it is important to stay hydrated while onboard your flight.   This also means you should limit your intake of alcoholic drinks and caffeine. Ugh. I know right! Well, you may think a glass of Vino will help you relax and put you to sleep it actually has more of a negative affect on your body while traveling.  

So wait and save those drinks until later.  

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Tip #3 Pack the travel essentials 

If you've traveled with me you know I do not travel light! Even my carry-on bag is ridiculously big! I pack everything from ear plugs, eye mask, melatonin, antibacterial wipes, vitamin C packs, essential oils, toothbrush, face wipes, and a giant pillow pretty much everything but my bed! That's just my overnight essentials.  Lol. For the day I have my laptop, book, magazines, noise canceling headphones, and lots of snacks.  As you can see I like to be prepared!  Customize a travel essential bag for yourself to fit your wants and needs while onboard your flight. 

Tip #4 Get on Local time

Set your watch to the time at your final destination.  Depending on how many time zones I am crossing I will adjust what I do on board the flight!  Catching up on work,  watching a marathon of movies, or dozing off are all great options, but I plan my flight activity working backward from the time it is when I arrive.  

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Tip # 5 Keep moving!   

On the plane, during layovers, and once you get to your final destination, you will want to keep your body moving.  Walk and stretch it out.  When you arrive, you will want to break a light sweat. I know, the last thing you probably feel like doing after a long travel day, but your body will thank you in the morning!  This doesn't mean go straight from the airport to a spin or CrossFit gym. Hahaha But that could be fun.  I am talking about a light sweat session  30- 45 mins of light activity something to get your whole body moving.   I enjoy going for a swim or doing yoga.   

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Follow these tips to wake up feeling fresh and ready to hit all the spots on your bucket list and itinerary.