Looking great in a bikini or swimsuit may be the only motivation you need to strengthen and tone your core (midsection).  There are many benefits besides looking and feeling good to hit the gym and start working it!

Having a strong core can help many things. It improves balance, posture, prevent injury, and can help alleviate general back pain.  Most of our body movements originate from the core, so it is extremely important to strengthen these muscles (hips, lower back, and abs).   Like all sports, it takes a lot of core strength to waterski.  It's important to have a strong core to help with balance on the water and to resist the pull of the boat.  The more angle you create, the more you have to resist and engage your core strength.  

You don't have to be a pro athlete or waterskier to get the benefits from this workout.... check it out.  It's fun, short, and all you need is a mat and stability ball.  Warm up for 10mins and try one of my workouts! 

Split lunge - works abs, butt, quads, hamstrings

Core Power 1.jpg
Core Power 2.jpg

Stand on right leg in front of ball with left leg bent behind you and shin and toes on the ball. Hands on hips to start. (First Picture) Bend right leg, pushing ball back with left leg. (Second Picture)  Return to start. Repeat of 30 seconds. Switch sides and repeat. 

Plank - works shoulders and abs

Core Power 3.jpg

Start on knees and put elbows on the ball.  Push up into plank position. Hold for 30 secs to 1 min. 

Tuck ups to push up - works abs, shoulders, chest, quads

Core Power 4.jpg
Core Power 5.jpg
Core Power 6.jpg
Core Power 7.jpg

Lie on your abs on the ball and walk your hands forward on the floor until ball rests under your shins.  Pull your navel in to keep abs tight.  Pull knees to chest then roll back out to starting position then bend elbows while you lower your upper body to the floor in a push-up position. Hold for a second push back up and repeat.  8-12 times

Ball Pass - works abs

Core Power 8.jpg
Core Power 9.jpg
Core Power 10.jpg

Lie on your back holding the ball above your head.  Lift your feet so your shins are parallel to the floor.  As you lift your upper body off the floor, bring the ball across your body and place it between your feet.  Lower legs to floor while squeezing the ball.  Continue to pass the ball back and forth 8-12 times. 

Hamstring Curls - works abs, butt, hamstrings

Core Power 11.jpg
Power Core 12.jpg

Lie face up on the floor with arms extended on the floor to help balance. Place both heels on the ball.  Using your abs raise your back and butt off the floor.  Suck knees up and bring heels to butt. Roll in and out slowly.  Repeat 8-12 times.

Crab Toe Touches - works obliques, quads, hamstrings

Core Power 13.jpg

Sitting on ball, walk feet forward until ball rolls just below shoulderblades. With elbows bent place fingertips behind head.  Lift and extend left leg as you reach right hand to touch toes. As shown in picture. Continue alternating sides for 1 min. 

Lying Pendulum - works abs, obliques

Core Power 14.jpg
Core power 15.jpg

Lie faceup on floor with ball between ankles and legs extended straight up over hips.  Arms on floor by sides to start.  (Top Picture)  Lower Straight legs at a diagonal toward floor (Bottom Picture) Repeat 8-12 times.