So how do I stay sane while traveling and being on the road?  

It's all about routines. 

A few years ago I decided I needed to start having a morning routine.  It's so easy to wake up and grab your phone and get lost scrolling the dark hole of the internet.  When you roll over in bed to check your emails, you let your inbox decided how you're going to start your day. 

I decided I needed to start making the most of my mornings.

The way you begin each day sets the tone for the way you live each day!  

No matter where I am (home, tournaments, or on vacation)  I start most (90%) of mornings the EXACT same way, no matter what time zone or continent I am on.

I know you're probably thinking gosh... how boring.  This was me a few years back.  Honestly, this is what keeps me sane, happy and grounded while I travel and when life gets busy. 

Here’s how I dial in my morning routine 

Wake up - Smile today is a beautiful day.  Literally smiling at yourself sets the intention for the day and I believe it actually releases positive endorphins. 


Hit the mat -   I like to start my mornings off with a little yoga. (anywhere from 15-55 minutes) This is when I check in and see how I mentally and physically feel.  Am I stressed?  Am I sore?  Is anything tight?  It not only allows me to connect with my mind and body, but a light sweat session also gives me energy.


Breakfast -  Oatmeal and a Latte.  If you follow me on Instagram @thebalancedb and watch any of my stories you will surely see a morning latte photo. 


Journal & Plan out the day - reconnect with my goals and plan out the week.   I know its a bit old school but writing things out in a journal really helps to slow things down and allows time to truly reflect. 


Remember it's not what you do once or twice a year its what you do day in and day out! Try out my routine or modify to what best fits your needs.  Send me a email or instagram message and let me know what you think!