Digital Detox!

So many gigabytes of goodness.  Smartphones do it all.  You can search for local restaurants, map a destination, take photos, update your status, chat with your family and friends, heck you can even now meet your husband or wife through an app on your phone. 

Lets Connect.JPG

Our phones are great at giving us what we want...but not always what we need. 

They are slowly creeping into our lives, our families, relationships, dinners, and even the bedrooms.  

We've all done it... got lost in the dark hole of scrolling through the internet.  Where you end up somehow on someone's page you don't even know and hopefully not comparing yourself to that flawless body or that perfectly "staged" clean bedroom someone just posted. lol  

Here are some healthy habits that I have used to stay sane in this hyperconnected world.  

-   Turn off all notifications! This is a must. You should always be in control of when you receive information, not the reverse. 

- Disconnect one day a week. Get outside and truly connect with yourself. They say the best way to connect is to disconnect. 


- Leave your phone at home. Date night or just hanging out with friends leave the phones at home or at least in your car. If you're going to show up, you don't need to be staring at your phone all night.  Make real conversations and enjoy the company around you.