Meditation the new wonder drug

Meditation is the new wonder drug.   Does it ever feel like you have so much to do and that it’s impossible to get your thoughts in order?  Your goals for the day might feel like a mountain you’ll never get to the top of.  I’m here to tell you that a short meditation session is just what you need to recharge your mental and emotional batteries. 

You don't have to wait for a weekend retreat or spend time with a special guru.  Meditation is something that you can do right from home. I’m here to simplify this for you and take away the stigma surrounding meditation.

I love meditation so much because it's like a reboot for your brain.  Meditation is not getting rid of your thoughts, it’s being at ease with them and getting them in the right order. It’s your battery recharging station and getting your hard drive in order. It’s just like cleaning out your insanely full email inbox. 


I like to think of meditation as going to the gym but for your thoughts. The more you do, the more you strengthen your attention muscles. In this day and age I feel like attention is hard to come by. Who doesn't want to be more focused, relaxed and engaged in daily tasks. We have so many devices and distractions that this simple tool is a complete game changer.   


So, you're probably wondering how do you get started? And how long should I meditate for?

Good questions. 

First, start off by finding a quiet space.      Choose between sitting or laying on the ground.

OPTION ONE :  is called mindfulness meditation:

In this form of meditation you pay attention to your senses. Listen to the sounds, pay attention to your heartbeat, your breath, the temperature and how your body feels. You just simply gain awareness of yourself and your surroundings engaging, your senses. I suggest 3 minutes to start. Set a timer on your phone, relax and enjoy the moment.

photo 3.jpg

Focus on your breathe. 

OPTION TWO :  is a form of breath work:

Focus on a specific respiration rate then time your inhales, and exhales to match that rate.  For example, I like the Inhale for 10,9,8,7 and Exhale for 6,5,4,3,2,1 second rate.  The longer time period for the exhale is very relaxing and calming. This is my favorite!

meditation .jpg

OPTION THREE : is guided meditation: 

If your brand new to meditation I recommend downloading the app Headspace. Their self-guided meditation app makes learning how to control your thoughts simple and easy to follow along.

headspace app