The Dodd's have officially began our off season! For the past 10 days we're been catching waves and living the aloha lifestyle.  Many of you probably have seen us posting on our social channels about how much fun we've been having. 

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What better way to reflect and unwind then the beautiful garden island of Kauai.

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My kinda vacation may not be for everyone. I love to stay active on vacations.  I am a busy Bee! Hence, how I got the nickname B.  Jon and Natallia went away with us last year to Costa Rica.  So when we mentioned we were going to Kauai they were in! 

We fit as much fun in our 10 days here as we could.  Surf sessions, mountain biking, hiking, waterfalls, standup paddle boarding, a workout at Fitlab, yoga and a few afternoons lounging by the pool.  

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Kauai is absolutely stunning.  70% of the island is not assessable by land so if your planning to visit Kauai I highly recommend booking a helicopter tour.

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Your 60min helicopter ride will give you a snapshot of how FREAKIN beautiful Kauai is!!!!  You will get a birds eye view of the Jurassic Park waterfalls, Waimea Canyon, and the Napali Coast! 

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If flying in a chopper is not your thing or if its not in your budget you can get some sick views of the island by trail.  You will definitely get sweaty and a bit dirty but it’s totally worth it!  Plus, the best part of hiking is it’s FREE!  No hidden fees your free to roam and take in the million dollar views : )  

We went on three fun hikes while Jon and Natallia were with us in Kauai. 

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We took a road trip to the Waimea Canyon to Mount Wal’ale’ale which is the second highest point on the island.  Its name literally means rippling waters or over flowing water which is fitting since it’s one of the wettest spots on earth.

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We got extremely lucky when we hiked along the ridge because the sun was shining, but don’t let that fool you.  Rain or shine be prepared to get muddy : )

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My favorite of all the hikes would have to be hiking Hanakapi’ai Trail.  Its the most popular trail, and for good reason, the views from this hike are unreal.  You can hike along the NaPali Coast where there is a 8 mile hike round trip to a waterfall or 4 miles round trip to a beautiful secluded beach.  We chose the 4 mile hike with a nice picnic on the beach. 

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While on the island I would highly recommend visiting the cute town of Hanalei.  

This quiet surf town is nestled on the north shore of Kauai.  No matter what level of surfer you are you can find the perfect wave.  Hanalei’s crescent shape bay has waves for beginners to Pro’s.  For real though from one foot waves to over head at the reef you can always find what your looking for.  I even met Alana Blanchard going out to practice.  WOW!!! crazy she’s surfing the same reef Ryan was surfing. 

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If you love sun, fun and adventure and are planning a vacation to Kauai here are some of my island favorites!

Kauai Juice Co 

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Aloha Juice Bar - Killer Acai Bowls

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Drinks at Dukes on the Beach - My fave, Lava Flow Ryan’s Fav Ginger Whiskey

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Standup Paddle board - We rented in Hanalei and paddle down the river out into the ocean.  We saw massive sea turtles.

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Beach Bike Ride in Kapaa - 5 miles of paved board walk.  $10 beach bike rentals.  Super chilled and easy.

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Java Kai - Cute coffee shop with delicious salads

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Mountain Bike from Kapaa to Anahola - starts off on the paved boardwalk then turns into really cool trails along the ocean!  Round trip its about 22 miles so bring water! 

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Road Trip to Waimea Canyon 

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Hike Hanakapi’ai Trail 

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Surf Hanalei

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