Cruising is the perfect family vacation. In my opinion, there is no better way to travel when you have a family of multiple generations.  No matter what you love, there is always something wonderful to be found.  

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Unfortunately, there is a massive stereotype stamped on cruising that clouds the reality of what the experience is really all about. Who hasn't heard the following? The ship is out of date.  A cruise is just sitting around eating and drinking all day long.  I don't want to be trapped on a boat.  I'll be bored.  To be honest.  The experience is straight up the opposite.  I have cruised a few times : )  200 days at sea!  I have traveled as a child, teenager, student and now as a married couple. 

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So let me explain and clear the air and tell you the real deal when it comes to cruising. 

Stereotype 1: Cruising is only for old people. 

I love this one.  : )   Some cruise lines have narrowed in on a specific type of traveler. Some cross the spectrum nicely and have something for everyone.  That's why I think they are perfect for multi-generation travel.  For instance — Ryan and I love to wake up and workout.  My grandma loves to go to the cafe and enjoy her coffee.  My brother surfed the flow rider first thing and my parents did their 2-mile walk each morning.  No matter if you are looking for romance, adventure, or relaxation there is something for everyone.  If you're planning a cruise I recommend booking your vacation through a travel agent.  While the deal you see online may be enticing,  it's always best to have expert advice so that you don't end up on a booze cruise when all you really wanted was some rest and relaxation. : ) 

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Gym workouts with a view! 

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Bryce's morning routine 

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Stereotype 2: I'll be bored.

Right! I hear this one all the time and seriously I have to bite my tongue not to be a smart ass. Waking up to in a new destination is not boring!

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There is so much to do onboard a cruise ship that you may not even want to get off.  During the day you can go surf, rock climb, mini golf, ice skate, enjoy a spin or yoga class, treat yourself to a massage, or relax by the pool.  Napkin folding classes are a thing of the past!  It's 2017, and you can now order a cocktail from a robot at the bionic bar! Seriously that's just insane!

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There are lots of activities to enjoy after the sun sets as well!  Broadway shows, aqua show, ice skating show, comedy show, live music, dancing at the night club or get risky and try out your luck in the casino.  

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Stereotype 3: All you do is eat. 

Hmmm, well I guess you could if you really wanted too since food is available 24 hours a day. But that is just gross! There are many dining options to fit your families appetite.  From burger joints, Mexican food, Japanese cuisine, a quick bite at the buffet or my personal favorite the beautiful three story dining room.     

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Stereotype 4: There is no wifi.  

Yes.  Cruise ships have wifi and wifi packages are available for purchase.  Honestly, I never buy the internet package.  What better way to reconnect with yourself than to disconnect from your devices.  You can sit at home and stare at your tiny devices.  While on vacation its time to put down your phone and look up and enjoy the view! 

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Not all ships are created equal, so again I recommend booking your vacation through a travel agent!  They will help customize the perfect vacation and help you choose the right cruise line and ship that best fits your needs. 

If you have any questions or would like to book a vacation and a chance to WIN a FREE Cruise!!!!!

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