We just arrived home after a wonderful week in Cabo. Boo hoo.

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Every year Ryan and I slice out a week or two from our schedule and plan a vacation to reflect, recharge, and spend time together. 


Our priorities when booking a vacation have to align with our lifestyle.  Yes, we want to relax but we also need to stay active, and fuel are bodies with healthy food! 

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As we leave the airport and drive to our hotel, I am drawn to how raw and untouched the land is around us. The rolling desert hills, the tumbleweeds and cactus’ make me feel like I am in a wild wild west movie! lol.  After a 30 min drive, we get to our destination, San Jose del Cabos.

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As we drive through San Jose del Cabos its hard to believe that there has been such devastation in the area.  In 2014 a massive cyclone hit, destroying and wiping out most of the city.  Now the hotels sit perfectly manicured in this beautiful beach side town. 

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On our itinerary            ~ Inhale TACO’S Exhale NEGATIVITY  ~


For real, though.  Fish, carnitas, shrimp, chicken, lobster and beef I tried them all and enjoyed everyone! : )

Thank goodness my hotel had a killer gym, so I could burn some of those tacos off!  

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My favorite drink while in Mexico was a Carrot Margarita from Flora Farms! I know what your thinking, it  sounds gross, but it is delicious.  Freshly juiced carrots some orange and tequila! Muy Bien!  

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Flora Farms is a farm to table restaurant where the restaurant is actually located in and around the garden.

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Every morning I woke up to the sound of waves crashing against the beach and the hotels fresh green juice.  Followed by yoga with Paz.  Paz, meaning peace in Spanish was our yoga instructor.

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Our trip wouldn't be complete without checking out Cabo San Lucas and the famous Arch.  It is also known as land’s end, because as the crow flies, if you followed a line south from here you would not touch land again until you reach the South Pole.

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Tony a local tour guy hooked us up with a glass bottom boat and off we went to check out the beautiful landmark.  On our way we were greeted by friendly sea lions, some were sun tanning out on the rocks while others would leap out of the water and onto the back of your boat!  This is for REAL! haha and one of the funniest things ever.  What smart but at the same time lazy sea lions.  They let the fisherman catch them lunch while they play in the wake and wake surf the back of the boat : )

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The Arch is where the Pacific Ocean becomes the Gulf of California.  The energy of the water where the two oceans meet makes you realize how amazing mother nature is.  As you watch the water rush through the rocks and in and out of the caves, you see how the sea sculpts and makes these beautiful rock formations.  So much chaos but yet feeling so free and at peace.

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All great vacations must come to an end! 

Thank you, Cabo for the sun and serenity and all the memories! We hope to be back again some day!