I just got back from a Pro Event in Reunion Island.  You're probably wondering where the heck is that? Don't worry I had no idea where Reunion Island was either when I was first heard about it two years ago.

I mean, Reunion Island it sounds like a reality TV show… like where you meet up with long lost friends or maybe your graduating high school class. Ha. Wouldn't that be funny.

When I got my invite, I immediately had to see where in the world this Island was.  And there on the map was a tiny dot right in the middle of the Indian Ocean, Reunion Island!  : ) It's not the easiest place to get to, but definitely worth it.

Reunion Island 1.jpg

I am pretty sure I was made for island living…so any chance I have to visit or even better compete for waterskiing on an Island count me in!   : )

Reunion Island 2.jpg

The laid back lifestyle, no hurries no worries its just what I love about the Island life.  

As soon as you step off the plane your greeted by friendly locals where the pace slows right down.  

When I got my invite to go back this year I knew I had to go!  Dominique, the organizer for Reunion International Cup, is as beautiful as she is sweet.  She makes sure we are all looked after, and even made us her famous chocolate cake! SO GOOD!  To top it off at the end of the tournament she bought all the girls a keepsake bracelet.  I told you, she is the sweetest! 

Reunion Island 3.jpg

The Waterski Club de Saint-Paul host the International Cup.  We ski on a river which has a walking bridge that goes over part of the course.  

It is a wicked spot to watch since you have a birds eye view of the gate and ball one.  I got to watch Nate and Freddie battle it out at 41 looking down on them. Really cool.   Here is a picture of Nate crushing 1 ball at 41off

Reunion Island 4.jpg
Reunion Island 5.jpg

Your first pass you are whipped out on your gate.  Fingers crossed there are no lily pads in your way! haha  And that whip that I was talking about. .. hopefully you rode it out good otherwise your heading towards a massive column that supports the bridge.   Lots of obstacles but thats what makes it so fun in Reunion!  :  )  

Reunion Island 6.png

Here are a few more pic's that gives you a glimpse of how much fun we all had during our time on the Island.

Reunion Island 7.png
Reunion Island 8.jpg
Reunion Island 9.png
Reunion Island 10.jpg
Reunion Island 11.jpg
Reunion Island 12.jpg